The Tree and the House Where Children Play
Paths to Refuge
Two Friends by the Wall
Circling the Seine, Again
Immigrant Appropriating His Wall
Refugee Ship
Immigrant Family
The Other Red Door
Lampedusa refugee shipwreck
Refugee in Landscape
Immigrant entrapped in "la red"
Basic Needs
The Impermanence of Sorrow
A Distant Shore, Ipswich, MA
The Journey
Hieroglyph I: Hieroglyph Series
Bring on the Rooster
Italianate Garden
Bass Rocks, Gloucester
The Orange Room
Circling the Seine
Arab Spring
Bass Rocks, Gloucester
The Current
Young Girl
Forlorn Man
Face to Face
Turquoise: Now in a solo exhibition through April 15, 2018
According to the Laws of Chance, II
Mourning Father
Hippolyta, Goddess of the Amazons
Young Worker, Cuba
Make America Great Again
Almost Read
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