Adeus, Lisboa
Two Women, Bulgaria
Mother, Muted
Lubavicher I
Lubavicher II, Le Marais, France
Morning coffee, Bulgaria
Trash Cans, Cascais, Portugal
Dunes, Sintra Portugal
Man with portrait, Graça, Portugal
Free the nipple, Graça, Portugal
Structures, Porto, Portugal
Rooftops, Porto, Portugal
The green doors of Lisboa, Portugal
Cityscape, Lisbon, Portugal
Peixe, Lisbon, Portugal
Allotment wheelbarrows, Bristol, UK
Orange rooftops, Porto, Portugal
To live a life
Elizabeth Dauber and Gregorio Prestopino
Pres 3
Elizabeth Dauber
Liz 2
Pres 2
Pres 4
Pres 5
Liz and Pres 2
Seedpods, III, Massachusetts
Fungus, Green Mountains, Vermont
Seedpods, Massachusetts
Seedpod II, Massachusetts
Stairs to the sea, New England
Beach, New England
Nuclear Bird, Artist Residency, Champagnes-Ardennes
Barn, Champagnes-Ardennes, France
Fleurs, Marnay-sur-Seine, France
Haystacks, Marnay-sur-Seine, France
Male bather, Marnay-sur-Seine, France
Neighbor Cow
Stone House
Stone House in Evening Shadow
Stairs, Morocco
Girl Painting Wall, Vence, France
Horsetamer, Costa Rica
Femmes, Vence, France
Man and Horsecart, Bulgaria
Seine, Tree and Boat
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